December 04, 2023

Oakledge Estates

Phone: 207-576-3714
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For over 35 years, my family has been regarded as Lewiston-Auburn's leading apartment rental business. My three siblings and I have now purchased our parent's well maintained properties and separated them into four individual companies. Each of us has worked in the family business since we were very young, and now are ready to continue the hard work our parents have done for so many years.

We take care of everything including but not limited to: snow removal, lawn care and a 24 hour answering service for emergecy and non-emergency maintenance calls.

Our properties include Oakledge Estates and Oakledge 1. All are in great areas of Lewiston. We would love to assist you in finding a safe, quiet and beautiful apartment you can call "HOME." Call (207) 576-3714

Call us today and learn why we are Lewiston's best choice for apartment rentals. (207) 576-3714.